"The Tell-Tale Project"

Eine Wand-Installation, mit 6 Objekten und einem Buch,
Wall-Installation with 6 Objects and an Artist's Book

c. 180 H x 500 L cm / 71 in. H X 197 in L

8 March - 25 March 2018
Offline space, Central Booking NYC Art Space, New York, USA


Central Booking Art Space, eine Kunsthalle in New York City, stellt eine Ausstellung von Künstler und Kunsthistoriker Mark Staff Brandl aus, zusammen mit der Thurgauer Künstlerduo Alex Meszmer und Reto Müller. Die drei Kunstschaffenden reflektieren über die mitunter auch fiktionale Konstruktion von Geschichten und (Kunst-)Geschichte.

Central Booking Art Space featured an exhibition by artist and art historian Mark Staff Brandl together with the Thurgovian artist-duo Alex Meszmer and Reto Müller. The three artists' works were reflections on the construction of history and art history in our minds.



Mark Staff Brandl’s artwork revolves around a project concerning art histories (purposefully in the plural), their creation, reception and usefulness for us today. In performance-lectures and related installations and podcasts, he takes viewers and listeners on fascinating journeys through art and its history, through his "Dr Great Art" persona and projects. Entertainingly, yet educationally and aesthetically he analyzes, and discusses the reasons why a work of art is great, or through entire eras, or indeed through the entirety of art history.

For The Telltale project, Brandl is creating a wall installation which centers on the history of art history. It concerns the often „missing“ elements, people and cultures within it; and the creation of a more open, expansive, inclusive and self-critical model of art history and the teaching of art history. The piece includes two hand-drawn and painted visual compendiums of art history — one the more-or-less-standard one, the other all and exclusively women artists, both prehistory through Postmodernism. It also contains a hand-drawn braid-like image of a complex, intertwined model of the art history time line; several additional related prints; a book comprised of drawings representing holes in art history discovered while teaching it; and a sequential, comic-like object, presenting a tale concerning contemporary art and art history drawn on the backs of entry badges for Basel Art Fair, documenta, the Venice Biennale and the like. The object was created in collaboration with the great London art critic, author and artist Matthew Collings.



Brandl Wall-Installation



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